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Shed Tracks for Drums!! This set contains 4 types of files:

1. A Demonstration Track (with Drums) - To hear the drum arrangement for the song.
2. A Shed Track for Drums - For YOU to practice and perform your OWN arrangement of the song.
3. A Shed Loop for Drums -
- To continuously practice your chops over and over with a looped "vamp" of the song.
- To take turns trading licks and "shedding" with other drummers over a repeated loop designed for highlighting drum chops.

4. A Click Track -
- To practice solo drumming against a steady drum and percussion loop.
- To use as a click track to play with your OWN band!

The Shed Loop and Click Track are designed so that you can put your computer on "Repeat" and the track will loop infinite times perfectly without missing a beat! This allows for continuous, endless practice without having to stop and start the track over!
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